The food and beverage industry; a sector with a complex array of requirements from processing to production, storage to transportation, chilled to frozen; with many diverse elements to consider, choosing the most appropriate industrial doors can be confusing!

When either designing a new facility, or refurbishing an existing premises, no doubt your considerations include a door solution that is easy to clean, reduces the risk of cross contamination, safeguards users from the risk of incidents, increases workflow and drives efficiencies to name a few. But who offers solutions to these, and many more requirements….? We suggest you head on over to the EFAFLEX UK Limited stand E209 where they will be showcasing a selection of industrial high-speed doors, each designed to solve specific industry requirements. Here ‘high-speed’ means exactly that, with doors opening at a rate of up to 4 metres per second to reduce exposure to the elements and speed up logistics safely!

With nearly 50 years’ experience, EFAFLEX are a one stop manufacturer for the food and beverage industry. Their fabric, folding and spiral door options have been meticulously designed using precision engineering and can be manufactured, installed and maintained to act as internal partitions between halls, or insulated high- speed loading bay and warehouse doors.

Whether you need to improve hygiene, reduce the risk of cross contamination, seal against drafts or humidity, EFAFLEX have the solution. Each of their door options combine to improve traffic flow, provide user comfort and reduce energy costs by as much as 50%.

Visit their stand to see their doors in action. Check out their configurator and sales app that enable you to produce a 3D fully functional render of your door, using your dimensions, and door choice. At the click of a button you’ll be able to visualise your very own door, unique to you.

Performing up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, their products are built to last and to reduce the likelihood of costly downtime and maximise the length between service internals; as such they are trusted by many of the UK’s high street brands and their supply chain.

This global leader offers a world of high-speed door options.

Improve hygiene, reduce energy costs by up to 50%, drive logistic performance, minimise the risk of costly downtime, one manufacturer has you covered – EFAFLEX.

Visit for technical information and BIM downloads.



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