Elesa are pleased to announce their service capability for production industries, including a particular focus on the Furniture industry where they address the needs of this diverse international manufacturing base serving domestic, industrial and office environments.

Elesa announces production industry service focus on the Furniture Industry.

Elesa offers a global systematised approach to meet the global needs of furniture production from machining/assembly to incorporation at component level and installation e.g. siting, levelling and adjustment. Typically this could be in manufacturing of Kitchen cabinets for measuring, cutting, placing or for industrial production equipment for substrate boards, timbers and metal frames, ensuring proper alignment, fit and finish – leading to final assembly of furniture and ultimately accurate placement at installation.

Elesa Measuring equipment such as the MPI-15 Magnetic Measuring System – and the MPI-R10 with wireless connectivity – offer linear and angular measurement that is ideal for working with materials for accurate cutting, milling, routing, drilling, gluing and other assembly operations in manufacture of cabinets, office desking, high end wood and steel tables, chairs etc.

Elesa Levelling feet such as the LSX.A series provide a threaded adjustable stem with a self-levelling spherical ball/socket in a reinforced polyamide base, which is simple to use in the manufacturing environment for levelling of equipment, conveyors, machine or jig tables, transfer equipment, workstations for accuracy and efficiency, assembly stations and packing stations. Also for use in operation to level office desks, tables and other furniture – for comfort and adjustment to suit operators.

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