Your warehouse floor is a crucial part of your business and should be treated with proper care, along with regular health checks and remedial treatment as appropriate.

The floor is the part of the warehouse that weathers most abuse in daily working and can help diagnose what’s going wrong in your business. The floor finish is likely to have been exposed to machinery impacts and it is spillages of corrosive liquids like oil or grease, while in large-scale commercial spaces regularly subjected to heavy foot traffic, frequent hot water washes and cleaning chemicals.

If it’s all gone wrong and the floor’s in a bad way, you will probably need urgent remedial work. After years of continuous abuse, the cracks begin to show and it becomes harder to keep clean, and is then unfit for purpose and hazardous to employees. Typically the usual solution at this point is a substantial investment in cutting, resealing, or completely re-lay the floor, but there is a less radical approach.

Kaizen’s concrete refurbishment experts exclusively use the BECOSAN system, rather than the usual aggressive grinding, cutting and exposing aggregates in the concrete’s surface, this is less intrusive and more effective. KAIZEN remove the microscopic roughness inherent in the concrete surface while applying two powerful components, the BECOSAN densifier and protective sealer. These water-based solutions penetrate deep into the concrete to harden and seal it, leaving behind a hard and extremely abrasion-resistant surface.

After that, you need a good care routine. Cleaning warehouse floors is a continuing challenge. Working 24/7, constantly accumulating debris, dust and marks means it difficult to keep floors clean and safe and makes robotic floor cleaners an attractive proposition.

Robotics not only enhance standards by giving guaranteed consistent floor cleaning, but also means the cleaning resource can focus on other more detailed cleaning tasks that often get missed if operatives are pushing a floor cleaning machine around.

ICE have been developing their robotic cleaning equipment for the last decade. Their ICE Robo 3 is the most advanced automated scrubber dryer on the market. Complete with laser and sensor technology, it offers unlimited cleaning patterns and super-fast mapping, plus consistent cleaning for six hours. It avoids static, temporary or moving obstacles and returns to clean areas missed due to temporary obstacles in the cleaning area. The machine can be set to clean different areas at a time to suit the facility, and leaves floors clean and dry, eliminating the issues of health and safety or slips and trips.

If you’d prefer a powerful, manual solution Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have been helping industrial and agricultural businesses clean their working areas for over 30 years. Michael Williams Engineering fonder Mike Williams invented the Big Brutes in the 1980s, and they are still designed and made here and used all over the world. Now what do you want to clean?

Finally, freeing up your overhead warehouse floor space with mezannine floors needn’t be a ‘drab race.’ United Storage’s mezannines transform reception and presentation areas to welcome guests and key team members, delivering premium aesthetics while complying with health & safety and building regulations.

Bill Redmond

Features Editor

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