Shopping nowadays is more than just an obligatory duty to buy essentials; it has also become for many people a social event.

All 21 check-outs have been fitted the call-for-action system from WERMA including three tier colour andon lights so that everyone can immediately see whether a check-out is open.

Supermarket shopping is an event in itself where for most people once the trolley has been filled as little time as possible should be spent wasting time in the queue for the check-out.

Leclerc – Supermarket of the future

The French supermarket chain has more than 560 outlets in France with one in Northern France in Loison-sous-Lens has more than 110 staff working in an area of 6000 sqm. Local management set an objective of providing their customers with the most pleasant purchasing experience possible.

The idea was to make the whole check-out and payment process as efficient as possible for the consumer, avoiding long waiting times. Management wanted to display which check outs are open in order to improve efficiency. “We wanted to have complete transparency of all 21 check-outs all of the time! We also wanted to give each cashier the ability to call for assistance at the touch of a button.

Complete transparency with AndonSPEED

Leclerc quickly discovered Werma’s innovative wireless andon light system which shows at the press of a button which illuminates a bright and clearly visible signal light which check-out is available or requires assistance.

Status reporting at the touch of a button

Each check-out is fitted with an Andon SmartBOX which the member of staff activates by pressing the appropriate button to indicate that the check-out is open or closed or that there is a particular problem that needs to be resolved.

Common traffic light system indicates status

Leclerc use a three colour traffic light system. If a check-out is closed the red light is illuminated. As soon as a check-out is opened the member of staff switches the light from red to green, the light being clearly visible by customers and management alike. The cashier has two further options – with the amber light assistance can be called for without leaving the workstation. Red on the other hand indicates a higher state of urgency, and danger.

Intelligent Reports

The software delivered with the system is very simple to install and collects all of the status light change data which can then be used to produce reports and analyses. The impartial and accurate data leads to perfect transparency of the process.

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