It’s an ongoing battle that has challenged Health and Safety innovators and R&D professionals for decades. How best to segregate and protect pedestrians and equipment from the very real dangers of working alongside heavy workplace traffic such as forklift trucks.

McCue has been at the forefront of facility protection through four decades – and the company’s armoury of hardware includes everything from heavy duty barriers that repel forklift bumps before reforming unscathed, to column guards, rack protection and bollards.

But in the past there has been a line that some forklifts cross where even the strongest barriers cannot help. It’s a line far removed from everyday shunts and scrapes, where a combination of speed, load and angle of impact combine and become practically unstoppable forces, often with disastrous consequences for people and property.

But it’s a line that McCue has just reclaimed for safety, thanks to the company’s all-new, fighter jet-inspired ‘Ultra’ [patent pending] range.

With ‘Ultra’ McCue’s already strong products become muscular and reinforced. Where a loaded forklift with a rogue driver was once a potential killing machine, it’s now a manageable piece of equipment. Where once there was a line of defence both inappropriate and ineffective, ‘Ultra’ now gives strength and resistance against potentially destructive energies.

How is it done? By integrating a support and fortification system to McCue’s already extremely strong and shock-absorbent barriers. This support, when integrated with McCue’s strong but flexible polypropylene barriers, forms a formidable partnership, fortifying safety in areas where it is most needed.

Utilising this ‘Ultra’ system in locations where high energy collisions are a possibility offers unparalleled peace of mind to facility managers – and a layer of safety for workers and equipment that in the past just wasn’t achievable.

McCue’s ‘Ultra’ range will launch at IMHX on stand 19J90. For more details visit

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