Europe’s leading door provider, Hörmann UK, is continuing to establish its position at the forefront of industry developments with the launch of its new DAP electronic docking assistance technology.

The latest system is designed to accelerate the docking process, whilst simultaneously protecting drivers and warehouse operators from injury and minimising the potential risk of collision damage to vehicles and loading ramps.

Featuring LED warning lights, the docking aid assists drivers when approaching the loading bay, enabling the vehicles to dock safely and quickly, without the dangerous requirement to exit the vehicle or perform multiple manoeuvres. The solution can be used independently or can be combined with Hörmann’s innovative WSPG wheel chock for overarching safety.

Situated on a robust mounting arm on the sides of the loading point, the photocells are positioned to alter the LED signal from green to yellow when the vehicle reaches the switching range of the first photocell.

The colour will change from yellow to red when the second photocell is reached. If only one photocell is used, the colour will switch directly from green to red. The light will only change to a green signal once the door of the vehicle has closed after loading or a connected wheel block has been removed and the driver has permission to exit the bay.

Tom Langley, Projects Director at Hörmann UK, said: “Our new product launch follows a successful year of growth for our industrial department, reflecting our commitment to providing the logistics sector with the most efficient, affordable and safe solutions available.

“We work closely with our logistics clients, using their feedback to fuel our research and development to manufacture, supply, install and service products that will support them in streamlining the supply chain process.”

The DAP docking support system operates in the temperature range of -200C to +600C and can be connected to Hörmann’s DAS-3 inflatable dock seal, which can be automatically activated and deactivated during loading or unloading.


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