In May 2018 ArrowXL launched the ArrowXL Development Academy. Housed within a purposebuilt ‘apartment’ at the company’s Wigan facility, this ‘best-in-class training hub’ has had a profound effect upon ArrowXL’s business. For instance, the Academy has provided more than 1,200 training sessions, including driver CPC, inductions, Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) and Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) modules, First Aid, customer service training and ArrowXL’s Squad Programme – a management and leadership programme created to help engage managers, develop key skills and identify future talent to sustain business growth.


In August 2018, Core Management Logistics (CML) opened a dedicated purpose-built training centre. Accessible to all employees, the centre has been designed to be a space where employees can learn in a comfortable environment away from their place of work and free from distraction. The company has also introduced E-learning facilities and every month around one hour’s worth of training is added to every employee’s ELearning platform.

Over 150 modules are available, covering a range of topics and these are tailored to each employee’s needs. The E-Learning modules are between 5 and 30 minutes long and are ideal for all abilities.


The Resources Group has integrated Virtual Technology Training into its Driver CPC course delivery. The move has enabled drivers to experience an immersive environment throughout their training and achieve the required skills level without the need to physically access technical equipment. Courses are developed and designed to ensure multiple breakout sessions, including group discussion forums and problem-solving exercises.


Sponsored by Mentor The Training award goes to either an individual or company that has demonstrated a significant level of personal or team development, with evidence of tangible benefits derived specifically from a commitment to training and education. TRAINING AWARD CLIPPER LOGISTICS Clipper Logistics has addressed both the labour shortage and the need to attract a more diverse workforce with an initiative known as ‘Fresh Start’. Since its launch, ‘Fresh Start’ has brought on board 500 employees from minority backgrounds.

The initiative started with charity Tempus Novo, whose mission is to rehabilitate ex-offenders. Initially, Clipper took on two ex-offenders. This worked well and over 65 exoffenders have subsequently joined.

Clipper has widened the scope, with the support of eight charity partners.

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