Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery invested £48 million in its Teal Park site to consolidate its service and storage operations into a new Global Service Operation Centre (GSOC) that promotes health and safety, delivers reduced cycle times and costs and expanding service capabilities. The future-proof centre was delivered on time and within budget.

In addition to providing innovative racking solutions, including a bespoke racking system for engines weighing up to 6-tonnes, this project was the first UK installation of BITO’s LEO Locative Driverless Vehicle. The low-cost LEO system gives Return on Investment (ROI) within a year, compared to the typical 5- year period for conventional AGVs. LEO installation is simple and quick with the units following tape on the floor – something that delivers the flexibility to reconfigure and maximise efficiency by simply pulling up the tape and relaying new routes.


Packaging specialist Pallite provides an alternative to wooden pallets and crates that is 100 per cent recyclable. Pallite’s lightweight paper pallets, pallet boxes, layer pads and components are designed to reduce the total cost of shipping consignments while boosting their users’ green credentials. Stronger than standard cardboard pallets and boxes, they carry heavy loads with ease thanks to their innovative ‘honeycomb-cell’ design. Businesses use Pallite’s award-winning products across all industries including the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food sectors.

Pallite Pix, the latest addition to the Pallite range, is a collection of lightweight, flexible and strong storage and shelving systems that are designed to consolidate pick-faces. By creating more free space within the warehouse, users can store more product and ultimately increase the yield of their warehouse space while maintaining the ability to flex the demands of the supply chain and improve pick efficiency, productivity and accuracy.


Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist technology is a platform which combines scanning technology and projection to speed up the process of sorting parcels on a conveyer belt. This is done by projecting colours and numbers onto a parcel to identify the processing pile for which they are destined. Due to the semi-automation of the parcel checking and routing, businesses that use this technology can improve their sorting operations dramatically – helping then to work faster and more efficiently.

Meanwhile, Panasonic’s Intelligent Warehouse Solution technology (iWS) monitors the progress of items through the production or delivery processes, identifying losses, damage or interruptions to their progress. It tracks each parcel through the process, recording whether it has been damaged and where the damage has taken place. In addition, it highlights misdirected parcels and finds them within minutes. This provides instant access to visual intelligence on the movement of packages, resolving investigations quickly and efficiently.


When SEC Storage was invited by an existing client to design a system capable of storing stage trussing which was being bulk-stacked at a large warehouse facility in Coventry, SEC identified a solution based on shuttle system technology. Gary Kirk, SEC Storage’s Sales Director, commented: “Standard pallet racking or drive-In racking would have been the easy choice and would have fulfilled certain elements of our client’s requirements, however the introduction of the Shuttle system ticked significantly more boxes.” Among the benefits delivered by SEC’s shuttle-based system is an increase in the utilisation of the total cube available at the client’s site of 55.3 per cent – a 229 per cent increase in volumetric capacity when compared with the APR option.

SEC’s client is expected to achieve a return-on-investment within 12-18 months.

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