There isn’t much that can’t be ordered online today – a house or a jet engine may even be among them! And there are even fewer items that don’t get delivered inside a trusty cardboard box. However, there are thousands of businesses that regularly ship heavy goods in boxes, which begs the question – how do you fully protect heavy items from being damaged when the outer carton is so fragile?

The answer lies in what sits between the item and the outer box – the packaging. That said, finding the right protection, which guarantees secure transit, can still be tricky.

A weighty challenge

Heavy goods are notoriously challenging when it comes to shipping. Whether it’s car parts, engineered goods, books, DIY tools or sports equipment, items tend to be awkward shapes, unbalanced, slippery and difficult to position. These kinds of items need protective packaging that will not only firmly secure the item inside the box so that there’s no movement, but also be as simple to pack as possible.

The ideal protection is one that allows the user to easily place the item directly into the packaging, allowing them to simply close and seal the box, leaving the packaging to do the all the heavy work.

Can heavy items be packed securely in one simple movement?

Sure, and what’s more, with the right protection, items won’t move an inch on their journey.

So, what kind of protective packaging will allow you to do all this, plus is clean, simple to use, low cost and easy to recycle? Let’s take a look at two superb options.

Paper. Yes, you heard it right. Paper is one of the strongest forms of in-the-box packaging that you can use for heavy goods.

For example, our Easypack® Packmaster™Pro system produces robust coils of 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper, which can take the weight of items up to 60kg – in fact it will take the standing weight of a 6ft man!

A single coil can be simply placed in the bottom of the box and the heavy item can be placed straight on top. The coil moulds itself around the product, leaving no abrasion and securing the item in place. A further coil can be placed directly on top of the item which prevents any movement inside the box.

For more awkward shapes, additional small coils can be used to create a brace around the item, leaving you the simple task of closing and sealing the box, without the need to fill every inch of empty space or sacrificing protection.

Air. Again, you may be surprised as you often see air bags being used as void fill for small boxes. However, with our Double Cushion, two large ‘intelligent’ air cushions are connected to each other via air transfer technology.

This has a very high-volume yield and offers high-performance protection, allowing you to simply line the box interior or fill large voids, safely securing heavy goods. For even simpler protection, because of the ‘island’ shape in the middle of the two cushions, it can be bent into a triangle shape allowing you to fix a product in the carton box corners. Our air products are 100% recyclable, and there’s a range of eco-friendly options.

Take the weight off your shoulders

These clever examples are just two in a range of Pregis solutions which are specifically designed to secure heavy items whilst in transit. Why not try them out for yourself to see the benefits and cost savings you will make?


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