When is a door NOT a door? It’s not a trick question but EFAFLEX look at EVERY aperture as an opportunity not just to provide a door, but as an application solution. With over 90 different types of ‘application solution’ in their portfolio, they have doors that open using a spiral mechanism, roll-up, or folding, doors that offer the optimum insulation and sound properties, doors that have the highest wind rating, and doors that open exceptionally fast… up to 4 metres per second fast.

Audi where aesthetics and performance is key.

A world of doors

UK Managing Director, Darren Turrell helps to explain, ‘We are the only company in the world that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of highspeed doors and it’s been that way for over 40 years. EVERY site visit we conduct and each client we speak to, has their own individual requirements. They generally fall into a number of key categories including speed of operation to reduce expose to the elements or increasing security, energy saving, or safety enhancing.

Our clients though come to us from virtually every industry type. Of course we are known as the roller shutter equivalent for modern day with literally thousands of high-speed doors being used in commercial and warehouse environments. More recently as we have focused on feedback from our customers we have extended our portfolio with highspeed doors that are bespoke to the needs of cleanrooms, chilled or cold store, machine protection and even car parks.’

Whole life value for money

EFAFLEX is recognised as a premium brand. Their hallmark precision engineering uses only the finest quality materials to ensure their doors (or application solutions), can operate up to 250,000 cycles per annum. This equates to a reduction of costly downtime, service and maintenance.

Turrell continued, ‘Our spiral door is the fastest vertically opening in the world. It’s speed is impressive and it helps minimise expose to the elements or maintain temperate control in areas of buildings to reduce energy bills by up to 50%. So although we are considered ‘Premium,’ when the whole life costs are calculated, installing an EFAFLEX door offers an overall cost reduction when compared to traditional sectional overhead doors.’

Unique spiral design with door opening
speeds of 4 metre per second.

Selection made easy

With so many types of ‘application solutions’ within the range, the choice is extensive. Each door is designed bespoke for the project. There’s a selection of activation types including infrared opening, remote controlled, and time delays depending on the use; but selection couldn’t be easier.

EFAFLEX have a team of regionally based engineers and Project Managers and with the aid of a bespoke Sales App can literally create a 3D render of the site in seconds. Couple that with full BIM (Building Information Modelling) downloads and videos on the EFAFLEX website. So in fact at EFAFLEX a door is not just a door, or even an application solution; it’s a world of doors and endless possibilities bespoke to each application and customer.

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