Any business with a conveyor system will know how fundamental it is to achieving and maintaining warehouse efficiency. Factory automation solutions are designed to keep materials moving, minimise intervention and keep costs to a minimum.

Most conveyor systems are designed around customer needs, therefore they are usually specific to particular types of products or materials. They might also be integrated with a wide range of packaging systems, weighing systems, or monitoring technology. With such attention to detail in the design of conveyor systems, how easy is it therefore to integrate environmentally friendly packaging solutions into established conveyor systems without compromising efficiencies?

Eco-friendly solutions designed for conveyor systems

The first thing to know is that integration is easy. As the UK manufacturer of the UK’s leading environmentally friendly packaging brand, Easypack®, Pregis engineers design and build packaging solutions which not only work as stand-alone systems, but are designed to fit seamlessly into any type of automated conveyor system. Plus, as the manufacturer, we can also modify any one of our systems so that it integrates perfectly for customer needs.

Customer favourites for conveyor systems

All of our Easypack systems produce 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper packaging. The systems are ergonomically designed, produce packaging at high speeds and require minimal maintenance. They are all very user-friendly and totally flexible, therefore you can use them anywhere along your conveyor line. Among our most popular green packaging solutions for conveyor systems are:

Packmaster™ Pro and Packmate™ Pro – Each of these fast and powerful void-fill solutions convert multiple grades of single or twin-ply recycled paper into robust paper cushions that are up to 80 times the original volume. With a small footprint they are perfect for on-demand packaging on conveyor lines. These systems can deliver the packaging directly into the box, straight on to the conveyor line, or into a collection hopper.

Quantum™ XT – A slimline, flexible void-fill packaging system, which is ideal for conveyor lines. The versatile system can be clamped directly on to your conveyor systems or wheeled freely to any chosen point of use for continuous highspeed packing. Producing up to 1.8 metres of 100% recycled packaging per second, the Quantum™ XT allows users to pack high volumes of goods for greater lengths of time.

Easyfill™ – An innovative, automated collection reservoir which is designed to collect paper packaging output from any of Easypack’s void-fill packaging systems. The hopper acts like a reservoir, collecting packaging material for high-demand packaging, allowing packers to focus on packing quickly and efficiently. The autofill sensor allows packers to focus on packing whilst the system continuously replenishes the basket with void-fill, shutting off automatically once the hopper is full. The Easyfill™ hopper can be custom designed to specifically fit into existing conveyor systems for uninterrupted packaging.

By dealing directly with our factory automation engineers, we can provide full consultancy in order to integrate a new ecofriendly packaging solution seamlessly into your conveyor system, or create a bespoke solution using any one of our Easypack solutions.

If you would like to integrate eco-friendly packaging into your automated conveyor system please contact us today. We can provide a free audit to assess your requirements and help you to transform and improve your current packing operations.


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