FMH Conveyors International have developed a brand-new solution for loading and unloading smaller vehicles from loading docks and from ground level access.

The development project began back in 2016 through research into how last mile logistics were changing throughout the UK and Europe due to strict driving laws around articulated vehicles overseas loose loaded product is now being regularly shipped on smaller vehicles to keep product flowing from the manufacturers to the customers.

FMH Conveyors are now pleased to be launching our SVLoader – A belt conveyor which can be easily manoeuvred around your warehouse, load vans from your loading docks as well as from level access areas. This multi-functional machine is able to integrate with your existing conveyor systems or with our range of PowerFlex Conveyors.

This unique piece of equipment will reduce the risk of manual handling injuries to your operators, increase efficiency as well as speed up your loading and unloading process. The SVLoader is designed to handle cartons, totes, polybags & boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Karl Matthews, Business Development & Marketing Manager for FMH Conveyors International said “It was important for us to keep in touch with the way distribution is changing, I firmly believe developing this product will help companies who ship loose loaded products regularly on smaller vehicles to do so efficiently whilst improving operator safety and saving money!”

You can visit our stand B40 at the PPMA show to see the latest addition to our product portfolio where one of our team members will be happy to give you a demonstration of the equipment and discuss the benefits this would bring to your business.

FMH Conveyors are a premium manufacturer of flexible, telescopic and rigid reconfigurable conveyors specialising in loose loading, unloading and manual sortation. All of our products are manufactured at our UK site.


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