PPMA Show celebrates its 30th anniversary and once again EFAFLEX will be showcasing their range of high-speed door solutions. Darren Turrell, UK Managing Director explains, ‘The PPMA Show offers a perfect platform for EFAFLEX. Here the other exhibitors and visitors are relevant to the products we design and manufacture. The exhibition aims to showcase the latest industry innovations in order to increase production line efficiencies, enhance business performance and maximise profitability. This matches the ethos of EFAFLEX to a tee!’

MTL – Machine Transport Logistics high-speed door

EFAFLEX are a global manufacturer, with a long heritage of providing high-speed door solutions, a supplier of choice with a proud 40+ year history of innovation. When asked why, Turrell stated, ‘The aims of EFAFLEX are ingrained throughout the business. From initial consultation we’re focused upon enhancing efficiency, improving safety, and driving cost reduction. For example using an EFAFLEX high-speed door can help reduce energy costs by as much as 50%. Over the product life of a door that can be a considerable saving and is safeguarding the environment too.’

EFAFLEX on stand J62, will be demonstrating three of their high-speed doors. They premiere their new MTL door; named as it was developed for the Materials, Transport and Logistics sectors. Thanks to its flexible and modular design this can easily be configured to meet individual site requirements, coupled with an amazing capacity for use it’s quickly becoming a popular option.

Likewise the SRT-ST ‘soft touch’ is a real workhorse; intended for internal application, it’s ideally suited in areas frequented by pedestrian traffic. With minimal preparation required prior to installation, the SRT-ST is an inexpensive solution to prevent unwanted contamination or temperature loss between work areas.

] Last but not least, the STT turbo door, the present day incarnation of the World’s first spiral door. Amongst its many features the door blade is constructed from 70% crystal clear acrylic glass, increasing natural light in the working area, improving visibility and operator safety as a consequence. With operating speeds of up to 2.5 meters/second and a huge capacity for operating cycles it’s little wonder why it’s the most popular EFAFLEX door type in the World.

Turrell continued, ‘We hold the accolade of producing the world’s fastest vertically opening door, remaining unrivalled even 25 years after its original launch. Exhibitions such as PPMA are critical, as they give us an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the door speed and build quality. The chance to get close to working examples, or perhaps discuss specific requirements with our highly experienced team proves invaluable. Whether your interest is efficiency, improved safety, cost reduction or perhaps all three, trust that EFAFLEX have every angle covered.’