Supply chain solutions specialist, CHEP, will be exhibiting its extensive range of solutions at Foodex 2018. Stand Z311 will also feature its parent company Brambles’ wider product set, including Pallecon containers and IFCO reusable trays.

The CHEP equipment pool contains the industry’s widest range of plastic and wooden platforms. But the supply chain solutions they offer are far more than just pallets. “Every platform we supply is a gateway to specialist solutions that help our customers run a smarter, more sustainable supply chain,” explains Alan Taylor, Marketing Manager for CHEP UK & Ireland.

“We work closely with our customers to solve supply chain challenges and find new ways to move goods more effectively. With our network helping manufacturers and suppliers reach more major retailers than any other supply chain company, these businesses are seeing real commercial results.”

The CHEP equipment pool is not just the biggest of its kind, but the most varied too. And many will be on display on Stand Z311 at Foodex. Its broad range of platforms, from full size wooden and plastic pallets to plastic trays and containers, is designed to suit every type of supply chain.

• Core Platforms: General-purpose, reusable wooden pallets are ideal for the loading, distribution and display of goods. Each one benefits from robust block construction and is fully compatible with standard handling equipment. CHEP pallets are rigorously inspected and tested for quality and safety.

• First Mile Solutions: With a leading range of high quality plastic platforms, CHEP’s firstmile solutions ensure optimum performance and adherence to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

• Store Solutions: Supply chains are evolving to meet the demands of today’s highly savvy, convenience-loving shopper. To meet these needs, CHEP’s store solutions are designed to help maximise sales in the face of changing consumer habits.

Reducing environmental impact Every time a CHEP customer chooses to share and reuse platform solutions instead of one-way packaging, carbon emissions are reduced, and raw materials are saved. This is because CHEP’s business model is inherently sustainable. In 2017, CHEP customers saved 2.5 million tonnes of CO2, preserved 1.6 million trees and avoided 1.4 million tonnes of waste by embracing the circular and sharing economy.

“We work with a wide range of customers across the supply chain every day. Our ecosystem of related products and services help our customers reduce costs, increase revenue and be more sustainable,” concludes Alan.

To find out more, visit CHEP on Stand Z311 at Foodex 2018.


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