In this category the judges looked for excellent personal and professional qualities, which are reflected in an efficient operation, optimum warehouse productivity, and a highly motivated and flexible team.


Tomasz Pietrak-Owazany started with Aztek Logistics Ltd in December 2013 as a warehouse operative.

His natural leadership and management skills were recognised by all that worked around him and he was soon promoted to the position of warehouse supervisor, where he was to take on more of the operational and health and safety elements of running a 3PL warehouse.

With his attention to detail, and “can do” mind set, many of Aztek’s clients started to ask for Tom’s assistance whenever they came on site, as he made it his priority to understand each client’s service requirement and develop an in-depth knowledge of their products.

In August 2014, he was promoted to the post of Warehouse Manager, and since then, he has made a considerable impact on the effective running of Aztek’s warehouse operation.

He has embraced the ethos of working safely, efficiently and effectively, whilst at the same time creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for his warehouse team, and adopted and promoted the highest quality management procedures.

“Tomasz’s team has been strongly influenced by his positive attitude and he has every right to be proud of his achievements,” says Aztek’s founder, Stuart Charter.


Over the course of an 18 year career, Steve Mchoul’s hands-on management style and team mentality has significantly contributed to the success at Howard Tenens Andover.

Steve started as a warehouse picker and through his hard work, dedication and enthusiasm has gone on to be a key member of Howard Tenens’ operational staff.

Most recently Steve has been overseeing the successful implementation of a contract with a throughput of over 1.2 million cases per year.

howard+tenens+logoWhen introduced to the contract Steve spent two weeks shadowing the workforce operating alongside the warehouse and administrative staff. “He wanted to understand firsthand any issues they were facing so he could see how to best improve the efficiency within the operation,” explains Jamie Hartles, Logistics Director at Howard Tenens.

During this time Steve challenged the work flows of the operational team, reenvisaged timings for trunk departures and engaged with staff at all levels.

“His impact was clear from the start,” says Jamie Hartles. “He established staff meetings for each shift on a weekly basis and rotated highly-skilled team members throughout various shifts to share best practices. He changed the layout of the building to consolidate all pick faces and increase efficiency and established dedicated teams with key skill sets that would be utilised for specialised work and, in turn improve, the service received.”

Within six months performance had improved and the team was consistently hitting 99% of targets throughout the operation.



DK Fulfilment Ltd (DKF) – the e-commerce order fulfilment specialist – opened a 165,000 sq ft dedicated fulfilment facility in Coventry in Autumn of last year.

The site offers three storage chambers and features a combination of wide and narrow aisle pallet racking as well as small parts storage bays and a dedicated pick, pack and re-work area as well as modern office accommodation.

2After a testing peak period following the initial site relocation, Phil stepped up to the mark to ensure the highest levels of customer service levels were consistently achieved.

Such has been Phil’s dedication to driving operational efficiency within DKF’s new store that, over the past six months, overall process efficiency has increased by a staggering 17 per cent.

“By engaging with his team and simplifying processes to eliminate waste Phil has achieved results which are, in truth, way beyond our expectations,” says DKF’s managing director, Mark Elward.

He adds: “Phil has worked long hours – particularly so during the initial relocation phase – and takes personal responsibility for the delivery of each client’s needs. Our clients particularly value the way that he professionally communicates any issues directly instead of passing on information via a third party.”

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