The winner will have demonstrated outstanding personal and professional qualities and progress in the development of his or her leadership potential.


As Aztek Logistics’ Stock Control Manager, Sam Smith must liaise with drivers, warehouse staff, Aztek’s administration department and, of course, the company’s clients.

And last year, when Aztek Logistics made a sizeable investment in a state of the art warehouse management system, Sam Smith was charged with overseeing its adoption into the business – something he did with calm resolve and minimal fuss.

The results have been remarkable: Aztek and its clients have now got a system at their fingertips which gives real time information at the push of a button.

“The position of Stock Control Manager may not be the most glamorous of titles, but it does carry a massive burden of being the focal point of a warehousing operation,” says Aztek’s founder, Stuart Charter.

He adds: “If you fill this position with a capable person who is able to keep the client’s stock information updated and correct at all times, you have a powerful selling tool and Sam Smith’s ability to pick up and operate software systems is superb.”


The B&H Worldwide Group of Companies was established in the UK in 1988 and through a combination of investment and acquisition has grown to become a multi-national specialist logistics organisation.

Solely dedicated to the aerospace industry, B&H Worldwide provides comprehensive logistics solutions for the management of aerospace components of any size and description, anywhere in the world.

Daniel Radford is 25 years old and has been working as a valued member of the B&H organisation for the last six years. He joined the company as a member of the team that handles B&H’s Qantas account and he rose through the ranks to the position of Team Leader for UK and Europe.

He was then promoted to the position of Manager for the AJ Walter account and became a “Super User” of B&H’s in-house developed aerospace-specific IT system, which is known as Ontrack.

Daniel has been in his current role for 15 months. He gives both onsite and offsite training to B&H’s customer teams and demonstrates the benefits of Ontrack and its Inventory management module.

bh-logoHis day-to-day responsibilities also include overseeing inventory control at four B&H offices in London, Miami, Singapore and Sydney.


Located on the north bank of the River Thames some 30 miles east of central London, DP World London Gateway comprises a deep-water port, which is able to handle the biggest container ships in the world, as well as one of Europe’s largest logistics parks, which provides access by road and rail not only to London but to the rest of Great Britain too.

Matthew Dunn has been a key member of the London Gateway Border Control Post (BCP) team since the facility became operational three years ago.

The BCP team is responsible for upwards of 100 container inspections per day and is often involved in some intensive inspection regimes.

Matthew has been a key player in establishing quality processes and procedures that minimise the impact that this important work has on cargo owners through the import process. This is essential as cargo is often time and quality sensitive, which means efficiency within the BCP warehouse is key to maintaining product quality and ensuring client supply chains remain constant.

Matthew has played an important role in driving forward cohesion and efficiency among the stakeholder groups – which encompass more than 10 government agencies together with liner groups, cargo owners and transporters.

Matthew and his team are achieving impressive KPI results and, as a result of his and the rest of his team’s professionalism, 70 per cent of containers are released within 24 hours of landing.

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