Spaciotempo-LogoCMYKSpaciotempo is a temporary building and warehousing specialist with offices and significant stock holdings in the UK, France and Spain.

Each year, Spaciotempo undertakes an in-depth survey of its entire customer base to measure satisfaction levels covering multiple criteria including the customer’s initial enquiry and administration, the installation period and aftersales.

The survey culminates in a total score for customer satisfaction.

Between 2013-2014, the business scored 84%, which rose to 86% for the period 2014-2015.

The areas where Spaciotempo scored highly were attributable to customer service, with professionalism, politeness, helpfulness, and punctuality of personnel among the highest scoring results.

Where scores are lower than expected, Spaciotempo implements immediate improvement plans and asks its customers what improvements they would like to see being made.


To ensure they provide the highest service levels to their clients, each Logistex customer’s site has a primary and secondary expert assigned. This structure ensures a rapid resolution of issues, as complex problems are escalated to the appropriate level of expertise.

Logistex-logoAs well as explicit feedback to the call originator, Logistex provide an innovative Twitter feed to help keep a broader audience within the client’s business informed.

Logistex also hold an annual User Group Meeting to allow customers to network with each other. Industry experts, as well as customers, give presentations on various topics that have been preselected by the group.

Both customers and Logistex gain from the User Group as it provides a forum for all to parties to engage and learn from each other.

Logistex measures overall customer satisfaction using what it calls the Net Promoter Score. This is calculated by asking customers how likely is it that they would recommend Logistex to a friend or colleague?

Respondents give a likeliness rating of between 1-10 and are grouped into detractors, passives or promoters depending on their score.

Subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters gives the Net Promoter Score.

According to Logistex, this is a very effective way of measuring customer satisfaction as it not only yields higher response rates due to the simplicity of the survey, but there is also no ambiguity about the responses and comments, meaning that it is much easier for managers to act upon the results.


Voiteq is a leading global provider of voicedirected work solutions and prides itself on providing an end-to-end solution based on detailed attention to customer needs with ongoing focus on customer service excellence.

Voiteq-logo.jpgRecent growth means Voiteq are providing support to over 95 customers at 275 locations in five countries.

Customer service is one of the objectives set out in the company’s mission statement and repeated complimentary feedback has been received from highly satisfied customers.

For example, in relation to a multiple site voice implementation, Clare Bailey, Business Analyst at Bidvest Foodservice, said: “I deal with a number of suppliers and the Technical Services Team in Voiteq always shine and go the extra mile to help deliver the deployments on time.”

Based on a recent poll looking at customer service, over 90% of respondents thought that the communication and professionalism of the Voiteq team was great to excellent.

Daimler commented: “Voiteq personnel were great to work with. Professional but still fun.

That makes the experience enjoyable and effective.”

Voiteq’s proactive approach, ‘can do’ attitude and exemplary work ethic combine to offer consistent examples of excellent customer service.

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