Client: Standsted Diamond Hangar


Site: London Standsted, UK

Headline savings: Energy saving of 85% (524,160 KWh)

Annual cost savings: £64,754

Annual CO2 savings: 233.5 tonnes

A staggering 85% saving on energy usage, carbon footprint and running costs.

Site: Diamond Hangar, a purpose built aviation hub with hangar space of over 93,000 square feet.

Project details:

Requiring high levels of light every day all year round, this busy commercial aircraft hangar formerly had 384 x 400W High Pressure Sodium (SON) fittings burning for 3,640 hours per year. This installation had a total wattage of 169 kW and consumed 615,000 kWh of electricity per year, generating an annual bill in excess of £75,000 for lighting alone.

The short lifespan of these high intensity lamps also resulted in an extra £3,000 per year in maintenance costs as well as reduced light levels between light servicing and lengthy periods of hangar downtime while bulk replacements and other repairs were taking place.

The Pulsar Light Eco-Range solution has made a huge difference to the operation of the hangar. The new installation replaced the original 384 units with just 96 x 260W fixtures and greatly improved the floor lux levels from under 100 lux to a much brighter 250 lux. Combined, these results hit the operator’s key requirements of removing maintenance costs while improving the overall lighting.


The new installation of high efficiency LED high bay lights creates a total wattage of just 25 kW and consumes only 90,084 kWh per year – an 85% reduction. Immediately this saves Diamond Hangar £64,754 in energy costs, and the long fixture lifespan eliminates maintenance requirements for at least 19 years if used 10 hours per day all year round.

By asking Pulsar Light to retrofit the Hangar with a high quality UK made LED lighting solution, the site’s operators have been able to increase productivity, reduce running costs, and eliminate downtime due to lighting maintenance.

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