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RFID tracking greatly increases manufacturing and logistics productivity, often paying for itself in three to six months. By increasing visibility it can also double the level of supply chain intelligence, according to software application and engineering company Red Ledge, which is launching an advisory service to help manufacturing, logistics and retail companies who have yet to use RFID decide whether it is a viable technology for them, now or in the future. The free ‘Red Ledge RFID Readiness’ service uses two hours of face-to-face discovery consulting to explore the viability of RFID for the client company, examining its commercial impact and ROI, deployment and timescales. Red Ledge is a globally recognised expert in RFID, barcode, voice and sensor technologies. (*radio frequency identification)

Red-Ledge---conveyor-in-action-RFID-readiness-consultingThe global RFID market is forecast to grow at 22.4% per annum (CAGR) to 2018, according to Infiniti Research.

“The RFID market has grown thanks to greater user awareness and lower cost of deployment – but its power needs to be better understood” comments Red Ledge managing director Andy O’Donnell. “Companies often keep that power to themselves, recognising its competitive edge, with the result that other users are not fully aware of it. It is one of technology’s best kept secrets. But RFID is not for everyone and companies are advised to assess the technology carefully before making any investment.”


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