Processing WMS information and data via the mobile communications network is revolutionising the logistics industry and creating the ideal business scenario where performance is dramatically improved by significantly reducing costs!

New Picture3G scan driven WMS eliminates the need to install costly warehouse Wi-Fi infrastructures. In addition, fast and efficient data transfer in both single and multiple premises with just one WMS application, solves the practical and financial hurdles associated with long and short term business expansion plans.

With positive signs now indicating the end of a costly recession, the predicted upturn in business now looks very likely. Lessons however have been hard learned when it comes to financial commitments to fund expansion plans, particularly when considering larger premises to provide additional storage facilities. Very few organisations are cash rich enough to risk long term commitments on what may turn out to be short term trends. So with caution very firmly at the forefront of decisions to expand, multiple storage sites are now often preferred as a flexible and cost effective alternative to larger contained premises, thus allowing the business to easily expand and contract accordingly to market trends without incurring additional long term property commitments.

By implementing a 3G scan driven WMS, satellite storage premises within 3G coverage, can be instantly operational regardless of quantity and size. The choice of location can by selected by logistical, rather than prestigious advantages and the benefit of a transferable and fully featured remote WMS, provides comprehensive real time stock management control by minimised staff levels.

Even goods in transit which can be traditionally difficult to administrate, are easily managed with 3G scanning. Stock discrepancies generated by incorrect deliveries, damaged and misplaced goods etc. are made accountable with the benefit of real time entries and signature delivery receipts.

For companies wishing to explore the benefits of a WMS for the first time or intending to review their existing application, a fully featured 3G scan driven system will undoubtedly provide the flexibility and proficiency to compete in todays business environment. Being at the at the forefront of technology, a 3G scan driven WMS will introduce new, streamlined and often paperless, yet simple processes in to your organisation. Stock control efficiency and accuracy will instantly improve standards extremely difficult to achieve without the benefit of computerised systems. The external image and capabilities of professional stock control management will greatly assist the attraction of new customers and the retention of existing ones.

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