RediGroupAfter it first appeared in 2009, the Returnloads.Net website was overhauled last year and now boasts a reliable and flexible platform that enables warehouse companies and hauliers to use the freight exchange facility simply and without fuss. Such has been the positive reaction to the new look portal, that Returnloads.Net has saved more than 150,000  ‘empty’ HGV journeys in the last 12 months alone.

Bibby Distribution

To keep pace with the changing nature of the grocery retail market, Bibby Distribution is creating a national network of shared-user ambient consolidation centres across the UK. The network allows suppliers to deliver full loads in to a consolidation centre rather delivering inefficient small consignment sizes or full loads that are not aligned to retailer demands to a retailer’s RDC.

To complement the solution, Bibby has developed unique warehouse management software that allows each supplier to monitor their real-time stock levels at each centre via a web portal. The system also gives retailers full visibility of their stock.

Other retailer benefits include the ability to maintain on-shelf and stock availability by delivering ‘little and often’ and better utilisation of space at RDCs.

The solution offers retailers and suppliers a valuable means of optimizing transport flows and is leading to a more efficient and responsive grocery retail supply chain.

Wiley with TGW Ltd

Wiley is a leading distributor for the publishing sector. The company’s European Distribution Centre (EDC) is a 320,000 sq ft facility in Bognor Regis which, in 2012, handled 120,000 SKUs through its Goods In, Outbound and returns operations. 10 million units were shipped to customers in 159 countries.

As order volumes continued to grow, TGW Ltd was tasked with supplying Wiley with a fully integrated materials handling solution that would enable throughput to be tripled, time to market to be reduced and cost and operational savings to be made.

TGW implemented a fully integrated solution that has resulted in an increase in the number of units processed in an hour from 3,500 to 14,400 while next day fulfillment has risen to 98 per cent. On-going labour savings are being realised too.

TGW’s fully integrated solution was delivered on time and within budget. It utilizes established book sortation techniques plus a number of innovative and unique features to meet Wiley’s needs.

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