Simarco International Ltd

Lutterworth-warehouse_revisedOver the last 18 months, Simarco has embarked on an intensive and multi-layered initiative aimed at reducing the environmental consequences of its operations.

In October 2012 the company was awarded ISO 14001 status following a comprehensive assessment of its environmental management processes.

But that’s not all, the company further sought to drive down waste by adding more ‘tear drop’ trailers to its vehicle fleet and by investing in more modern trucks. As a result, Simarco believes that emissions across its fleet are down by 35 per cent.

Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd

Elddis has long been committed to a greener way of working and has picked up numerous awards as a result. The company is currently planning to install a biomass heating system for its vehicle workshops and head office. A replacement oil burning system could have been acquired for a fraction of the cost, but the biomass system will save over 117,300 kg of CO2 each year.

The company has also funded the planting of 116 Oak trees at a site owned by a local charity and is well advanced with plans to install a 36 metre high wind turbine at its head office which will provide 160,000kwh of Elddis’s annual electricity requirements and reduce the company’s environmental impact by a further 186,000kg.

Miniclipper Logistics

In 2012 Miniclipper undertook a project that aimed to turn a multi building transport and warehousing organisation into an ultra environmentally friendly operation. Key areas addressed were warehouse lighting; use of renewables; waste recycling and long term vehicle fleet choice.

As a result of changes implemented, the company has been able to dramatically reduce its electricity consumption;  offset part of its energy usage by introducing solar roof panels; recycle six tonnes of waste products and improve the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet.

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