The optimisation of lighting controls can significantly enhance the energy efficiency of your lighting system. Jim McMahon, Director, of Ecotronic, explains how environmental factors and occupancy levels are key to optimisation.

Warehouses and distribution centres, or in fact any large facility, need to be lit appropriately in order for the staff to work to the best of their ability. It is paramount from the outset of any lighting project that consultation takes place with the client to identify their required lighting levels. This will always take into account CIBSE recommended lighting levels and how lighting controls can be set not only to optimise savings, but also deliver the best solution for the workplace.

If you are investing in replacing inefficient sodium, mercury, or metal halide discharge lighting, Ecotronic’s EcoBAY®, EcoPAK® and EcoSTAR® LED range of High & Lo-BAY luminaires are specifically designed to replace these outdated fittings. The units are fitted with intelligent Ex-OR Hi-BAY sensor control that combines to operate in both daylight saving and occupancy switching mode.

Full Programmability:

When linked to DALI dimming control gear the system truly offers full controllability to the end user through a fully programmable system. However once you’ve installed a new energy efficient lighting system it must still be optimised to gain maximum efficiency.

Long Range Remote Handset Control:

It’s important that any system has a remote control programming device. This ensures all future programming can be achieved from ground level without the need to work at height, thus ensuring the expense of lifting equipment is negated. It’s important to point out that most modern systems are now programmable to at least 15mtrs height.

Daylight Harvesting Technology:

DALI dimming ballasts enable the lighting fixture to regulate (DIM) its output automatically as daylight conditions change throughout the day. The luminaire will ‘harvest’ any daylight present within an area and reduce output accordingly whilst maintaining the required lighting level for that particular area.

To achieve the optimum saving, daylight levels should be set into the light fixtures by a commissioning engineer when the installation is complete. This has to be carried out in the hours of darkness so the fittings can identify and recognise their set daylight levels without the pollution of any natural daylight. The photocell control has a ‘volt free’ memory therefore all luminaires retain their settings after any power down phase.

All light levels are fully programmable; for example an EcoBAY® system could deliver 300lux in a production area working at 100%, yet the same system, in the same room, could be set at 33% to deliver 100lux on a walkway. This is typical of how optimisation will deliver the most efficient solution.

Occupancy Control with Total Flexibility:

Many facilities run permanently day and night, but few need to be lit constantly. Most buildings have numerous areas, all with different requirements; the Ecotronic control system encompasses all of these needs.

Lighting in an unoccupied area can be reduced to a dimmed level, or switched off entirely if appropriate, or even a combination of the two. Dimming output can be set at varying levels for different areas to suit specific requirements. For instance when an area becomes vacant you could reduce to 5% in a racking aisle, yet set fittings illuminating an emergency exit route to remain at a minimum of 25%. Having a totally flexible system allows optimisation of each area to suit a particular business operation.

Delay times are also flexible, allowing separate areas of a facility the ability to react to suit the specific operation. This allows the customer to optimise their savings to the maximum, whilst all that is required to change the parameters (should the business plan change) is a simple reprogram from the ground.

Is It Complicated to Operate?

No more than your home TV remote control. Advances in technology over recent years now allow fittings to be programmed en mass, by a simple ‘cut and paste’ operation.

Other Benefits of an Ecotronic® System:

Dimmable control allows an installation to be specified with a higher wattage fitting, the output of which can be turned down from the outset. This allows the customer to increase light levels should anything change within the business. It also allows the customer to standardise, with just one product type, reducing any future maintenance.

EcoPAK®, EcoBAY® and EcoSTAR® offer extended service life, extending traditional service periods of 8,000 – 15,000 hours, in some cases to in excess of 70,000 hours. This sort of advance in technology is ensuring that new lighting technology is becoming a ‘fit and forget’ product.

Enhancement of the workplace is not only achieved by the optimisation of the lighting control alone, but also from the light source. All products have a CRI >80, delivering a crisp white light; vastly improving working conditions. Colour perception and detail of packaging and product is transformed when compared to old light source technology.

New EcoSTAR® LED Range Incorporates Same Market Leading Technology:

The advent of new LED technology from Philips Lighting has seen the recent development of our EcoSTAR® range of LED luminaires. The end user now has the complete peace of mind that a premium LED product with a Philips 5 year system guarantee gives.

Many imported LED products do not currently offer a traditional control system, however the DALI dimmable configuration from Philips and ExOr combine to deliver the very latest in lighting control technology.

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