While the Safety Conference is undoubtedly the best single-day safety catch-up for managers, there is no substitute for a constant stream of regular information and updates.

The FLTA Safe User Group was designed to provide exactly this service. For under £15 per month, SUG Members will receive a wide range of services all designed with the aim of giving companies of any size the knowledge necessary to operate fork lift trucks safely.

The benefits of joining the Safe User Group include (among other things):

• Regular Health & Safety Updates, which give the most recent and relevant information about fork lift trucks, and other appropriate workplace news

• Technical bulletins, which take complex regulations and issues and present them in practical, easily-understood terms. They contain information for people at all levels, and are regularly amended to be fully up-to-date with the latest legislation

• Safety Alerts, which spread urgent information to all Members. SUG Members can anonymously submit these to the FLTA themselves, meaning they can participate in a self-informing communities

• Our independent Helpline, which gives unbiased advice and information on a broad range of fork lift truck issues

• Access to specialist publications, often unavailable to the public and always with the SUG Members’ shop discount

• Framed Certificate of Membership

• Unlimited online access to the FLTA’s wide range of health and safety resources

• Safe User Group Forum membership

• Quarterly newsletter

The SUG Member’s discount applies to all FLTA shop items and events… including the annual Safety Conference.

With this comprehensive and inexpensive option available to any business operating fork lift trucks, it has never been so cost-efficient to take charge of your company’s safety.

Companies wishing to join or find out more about the Safe User Group can find an online application form at www.fork-truck.org.uk/safe-users-group, or contact the FLTA directly by calling 01256 381441.

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