Air curtains create an invisible barrier across a doorway and provide an effective seal between two temperature zones. They can prevent draughts entering a loading bay, stop refrigerated air escaping from a cold store or maintain the temperature within an office area.

Installing air curtains will minimise the heating and cooling costs of a building while providing a productive environment for staff or the storage of produce.

The benefits of using air curtains in a warehouse or logistics operation don’t just include savings on heating and cooling. By eliminating the need to frequently open and close fast acting roller doors, service and maintenance costs can be reduced as can repair expenses from collisions. Also, as door buttons don’t need to be pushed, the time it takes to travel through an entrance is reduced, thus speeding up operations of loading, unloading or simply moving around a building.

Air curtains can also improve safety in a logistics operation. Unlike plastic slat curtains, an air curtain provides unhindered visibility allowing people and vehicles to travel through a doorway clearly seeing what is on the other side.

Roller doors are excellent insulators when shut but when open provide no separation of two temperature zones at all. In contrast an air curtain minimises temperature leaks even when the doorway is in constant use.

As well as keeping out unwanted cold or hot air, air curtains are also very effective at discouraging pests such as rats, mice or flying insects from entering a doorway. This can be a welcome additional benefit for any building operator.

JS Air Curtains can supply a wide variety of industrial air curtains to suit most warehouse and factory doorways. Powerful models, such as the Windbox Industrial can blast around 7,000m³/h of air from every 1m length of air curtain and are capable of sealing doorways up to 10m high when mounted above. When positioned vertically at the both sides of a door, the effective width can be up to 20m, and as they can be stacked on top of one another, any height can be accommodated. This makes the use of air curtains practical for even large loading bay entrances.

Heating can be provided with electric elements or more economically with low pressure hot water. Alternatively an air curtain can provide an ambient air seal to an entrance without any heating and in so doing have very low running costs.

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