The HSE have found that on average, 60 people are killed every year in workplace transport accidents, a further 2000 will suffer serious injuries and fork lift trucks are involved in nearly a quarter of these incidents.

Taking Care with Toyota, Toyota’s dedicated year of safety, aims to increase awareness of key safety issues relating to operating fork lifts whilst also promoting best practice that helps to reduce the risk of accidents.

In this presentation, we aim to show you the main causes of accidents involving materials handling equipment and how companies can use the framework of Taking Care with Toyota to promote best practice and safety.

Products – Safer by Design

Safety is a key driver in the material handling operation of any business.

Products are developed to help companies be safe but we aim to show key elements and practices that will help ensure equipment is kept in a safe working order and in the best condition to reduce the risk of accidents.

People – Delivering Safety in the Workplace

Taking Care cannot take place without the support of people in the organisation, they are the most important asset, although – they are also one of the greatest costs.

Training operators to handle equipment correctly and supporting operators with guidance and support materials can help to reduce accidents and costs incurred as a result.

Process – Driving a Culture of Safety through People and Process

Providing safe trucks and training is a good foundation to improving safety, but one of the main challenges is how to sustain high safety levels.

Taking Care with Toyota focuses on how process and safety procedures within business can create a culture of safety and reinforce best practice e.g. wearing a seatbelt, wearing the correct PPE or assigning walkways.

In addition to trained operators who operate in a safe manner products need to be suitable for the application. The presentation will also look at the process involved in making sure the right product is assigned for the right environment and operated by the right people.

The result: A successful and safe operation which has people that take care whilst operating high quality products that were designed with safety in mind.

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