A Solar PV solution from Geo Green Power the Solar PV specialists, can help warehousing and logistics operations seriously reduce their electricity bills. Here’s how it works.

As we see utility bills go up and up, and interest rates drop to all time lows, it’s very apparent that we aren’t getting as much for our money as we used to. Inflation continues to bite, and even those of us that have some capital are wondering what to do when interest payments from banks, building societies and ISA’s don’t even make up for the value that erodes away each year. Most of us are finding ourselves wondering if there’s anything we can do to help relieve the pressure. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

Well maybe there is. What about sunlight?

Solar PV, as it’s known, is the generation of electricity using the sun’s energy and is now a popular way to generate energy cleanly and efficiently. There are several reasons why commercial property owners are deciding to install solar PV systems, but increasingly the relative financial security micro-generation offers is becoming very attractive.

Despite the recession, utility bills are increasing every year at an alarming rate. Generating and using our own electricity considerably reduces the amount of electricity that has to be purchased from electricity providers. In addition to this reduction in utility bills, if you generate electricity from a renewable source you also get paid for every unit of electricity you generate – even if you use it yourself! This is because the Feed In Tariff scheme still provides regular guaranteed payments which are indexed linked for 20 years. As an added bonus, when not all the electricity generated is used within the hosting building, the surplus energy is exported back to the grid and purchased by the electricity companies. Overall the likely returns are between 8-10% per annum for each year of the 20 year period.

It also seems that the solar industry has not stood still.  Improvements in the technology and reductions in installation costs mean that there is now a solar PV micro-generation solution to suit almost everybody.  Solar PV installation seems to be well regulated, although it is essential that any installer you use is MCS and REAL registered. ( http://www.microgenerationcertification.org , http://www.realassurance.org.uk ) If you require any information or advice then any quality REAL registered installer should be happy to spend time answering questions.

One way or another it certainly seems that Solar PV is here to stay and that more and more of us are reaping the benefits.

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