Anyone with an interest in fork lift trucks will be aware that HSE have been looking to update and rewrite L117. This publication is the mainstay of all matters concerning operator training, including the role of Accrediting Bodies.

The new document, which is expected to include the core elements of HSG6, should be available for publication shortly. It is widely anticipated that this new publication will herald changes to the system of Accrediting Bodies. These potential policy changes will introduce a new approach to training.

Andrew Wetters, the HSE Team Leader for Workplace Transport (Policy), will explain what changes can be expected in the months ahead. This means that delegates at the conference will be given the most up-to-date information available.

We have all been disappointed by the most recent accident statistics. Andrew will take this opportunity to describe the figures and explore the trends. Through this expert analysis we may all be able to do something to improve the situation.

Going for Gold The FLTA is not disheartened by the increase in incidents. In recent years we have seen, and taken credit for, a downward trend in fork lift truck related accidents. The “Going for Gold” campaign described on our website is designed to give new impetus to our annual Safety Week campaign and we remain confident that the number of incidents will continue to reduce.

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