Multipart Logistics is a service partner in total aftermarket logistics and product support services throughout the UK and Europe. Its warehouse has 400,000 square ft of very narrow aisles (VNA) and racking aisles that were lit with 400 watt HiBAY lighting.

The client wanted an energy reduction but had to work with busy forklift truck areas so needed very well lit areas. Ecotronic were commissioned to undertake the project and found an answer to the problem in the form of the new HiBAY sensor that offers a large lighting footprint as well as giving the reaction time that the client wanted.

600 luminaires were changed, with EcoBAY 4 x 54 watt High Rack units fitted in racking aisles to replace the inefficient 400 watt HiBAY lights, while due to the improved performance of the overall numbers of luminaries required was reduced.

An EcoPAK 2 x 80 watt fluorescent system was fitted to under mezzanine areas and upper floors in order to enhance the working environment for the picking areas. Daylight harvesting engaged in upper mezzanine areas to maximize potential savings.

The total electricity saved was 667,077 KWh per year, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of 358,354 KGs per year, which equates to an annual electricity saving of £66,707.72. The payback period for the installation was under 18 months.

Ecotronic UK Limited

Jim McMahon or Chris Atkins

Tel: 0845 170 4567

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