Tata Steel are proud to announce the launch of LoadSafe Platforms, a new loading platform that dramatically reduces the risk of falling and subsequent injury when checking vehicle loads on busy construction sites.

Based on extensive consultations with site managers and lorry drivers the LoadSafe LS8 platform is designed and built specifically as a response to the high number of incidences of injury whilst checking lorry loads. The platform satisfies all the requirements of the 2005 Working at Height Regulations and provides safe, easy access to trailer bed vehicles by removing the need to access the trailer bed.

Manufactured using cold-formed steel sections the lightweight and robust structure is easily manoeuvred into position on site. Stability of the ground fixed unit is maintained with the use of adjustable feet and water filled ballast tanks provide additional counterbalance weight. The platform glides into position on two sealed linear bearings and is secured using a simple spring-loaded bolt. This means it can sit flush to the bed of the trailer, eliminating dangerous gaps between the platform and the lorry.

Even the surface of the platform has been carefully designed to include a small camber that ensures water drains off the side instead of gathering on the walkway. A central staircase provides easy access whilst a rail extends the whole length of the platform to provide extra safety.

Kevin Wilkinson, Product Manager of LoadSafe Platforms said: “Over 75% of major falls involving vehicles occur during the loading and unloading stage. That’s a huge figure and the industry really needs a practical solution to drive these figures down. The LoadSafe platform is that solution. We have looked at the common issues of both lorry drivers and site managers to produce a platform that has minimal set up, is easily moved and, above all, offers the highest level of safety for users.”

Full information on the LoadSafe platform can be found at www.loadsafeplatforms.com

Tata Steel


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