Warehouse solutions provider Stöcklin has delivered a new logistics centre for Tissot in Locle, Switzerland. Built in just 10 months and with a storage capacity of 7,500 cubic meters, the new centre holds up to 12 million watches, components and accessories – almost doubling the company’s storage capacity at its central headquarters.

At the heart of the plant is a fully automated small parts warehouse equipped with 32,000 container storage positions along five aisles, served by five Stöcklin BOXer stacker cranes. Clearly defined function levels are arranged across two linked floors, each of which is equipped with a conveyor loop, with work stations for component picking on the first floor and for finished products on the upper floor. The small parts warehouse is complemented by a box-live storage system for the company’s fast moving watches and a manually operated pallet racking system for accessories.

Each stacker crane is fitted with an anti-oscillation drive which is mounted on the mast head and which eliminates the oscillations of the mast as far as possible – supporting the motion of the cranes in the horizontal direction. As a result, the dynamic ratings may be doubled and the cycle times reduced while maintaining the same work load. The Stöcklin BOXer cranes also allow the energy generated during braking to be transferred to other axes through a combination of in-feed and regenerative feedback modules, allowing for massive energy savings.

Stöcklin has also installed a 3D visualisation system which is fully integrated with the Warehouse Management System, allowing a real-time view on the status of all operations and process. Any potential problems are immediately identified and flagged, allowing control staff to rapidly intervene.

In April 2011, CAS Engineering Limited was appointed the Exclusive UK Partner for Stöcklin. With over twenty years’ experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Wöhr Automated Car Parking Systems in the UK, CAS brings the same levels of expertise, service and support to the extensive Stöcklin range.



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