Spirit Data Capture Limited, the independent mobile computing and data capture specialist, has formed a partnership with Mi-Zone Technology to supply the company’s exciting new product to businesses throughout the UK. Mi-Zone is an ‘appcessory’ – a mobile device app that is linked to a tag that can be put on any item that could easily be lost or stolen (such as a Mobile Printer, keyring, laptop, camera etc.). If the person moves more than a set distance away from the item, an alert automatically sounds on both the tag and the mobile – preventing assets from being lost or stolen by business users.

Phil Jarrett, CEO of Mi-Zone Technology, explains: “The app can be quickly and easily installed on WM, Apple, BlackBerry or Android smartphones. It’s like a wireless leash and can save businesses a significant amount of inconvenience, time and money. Some 5.2 million mobile phones were lost in Britain last year but our solution could have prevented many of these losses. This is vital at a time when most businesses are operating with such lean margins and efficiency is key.”

A Bluetooth connection links the app to the tag. It can also be linked to other devices, such as a PDA / hand held computer or mobile printer being used by a delivery driver. Three security settings are available: high (the alert sounds if there is a distance of more than three metres between the tag and the app/device); medium (six metres); and low (9 metres). The alert will also sound if an item is being stolen.

The tag has a battery life of 50 hours and sends regular messages to the phone when a charge of only five hours or less is left. Mi-Zone is also planning to bring out further applications for this solution soon, such as “panic button” alert if a sole field worker is attacked or has an accident.

Philip Jarrett continues: “We chose Spirit because they have a great reputation and an excellent and extensive customer base that covers the vertical markets to which this products lends itself. We felt that the company was the best fit for our needs and will give us the traction we are looking for.”

Ebbie Khadem, Spirit’s Managing Director, remarks: “We are delighted to be able to offer Mi-Zone to our customers. It’s an exciting, innovative and versatile solution that will prove highly useful and is likely to repay their return on investment very quickly.”

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