Rack Armour’s network of distributors have excelled themselves. The newest continent to ride the Rack Armour wave is the Americas. Rack Armour’s popularity has soared over the past year throughout Central, Southern and Northern America, making Rack Armour their preferred choice when it comes to pallet racking upright protection.

After recent visits and exhibitions in America, sales have risen by a massive 280% with orders from worldwide household names such as Nestle, Ikea, Toyota, Wal-mart plus many more.

Rack Armour Ltd is delighted with the success the product has had in foreign markets over the years, Jenny Charlton Director of Rack Armour Ltd stated “We can’t believe the speed at which sales are increasing;  Companies throughout the Americas have really taken to the guard. The easy installation process and cost effective product has revolutionised racking protection in this particular continent, and we look forward to the same rate of acceleration in the coming year”.

The American market is a massive market to conquer, however Rack Armour Ltd feels the door to the market has been firmly wedged open and Rack Armour has proven to the continent that it is the number one preferred pallet racking upright protector and plans to stay that way for many years to come.

Rack Armour is manufactured and sold on every continent, an achievement Rack Armour Ltd is very proud of. The achievements gained so far will only inspire Rack Armour to grow further, expanding its presence further throughout the world’s market.

Rack Armour

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Email: info@rackarmour.com


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