The new automatic loading docks installed by Joloda are now running 24-7 at the newly expanded DHL site at Cannock, Staffordshire. These automatic docks are unloading Unilever brands such as Persil, Domestos, Pot Noodle and PG tips delivered from the factories in Port Sunlight and Warrington.

The automatic loading systems they have been supplied are Trailerskate systems which use dock driven elevated skates, 15m long that pick up a pre-assembled load and in 3 minutes unload from a tracked trailer, a load of up to 30 tonnes up to 26 pallets. The skates on the dock are elevated by means of an airbag system located within the skate and then driven into the trailer by means of a drive chain. The trailers are fitted with 4 off simple steel tracks into which the skates run. Once the full load is out of the trailer the air is extracted out of the skates and the load is then lowered on to the dock ready to be moved further inside the warehouse.

The shuttle distance from the factories in the North West to Cannock site is around 140 miles per round trip. 20 trailers were also fitted out with Trailerskate track as part of the contract for the 30 shuttle trips made each day.

The Cannock site which is a central UK site, has been expanded to take up to 100,000 pallets.

The Joloda Service Team also attend the site every week to complete regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment to prevent any problems or breakdowns as the equipment is in constant use.

The trailerskate system is already used daily by many branded companies around the world such as Britvic, Unilever and Coca Cola.

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