LED Eco Lights has supplied products from its Goodlight™ retrofit lighting range for installation at two sites operated by Hopwells, one of the UK’s largest independent frozen food distributors, which are achieving annual energy savings in excess of 70,000 kilowatt hours.

Established in 1975, Hopwells is a family-owned company with over 250 employees based at six UK distribution centres situated between Cambridgeshire in the south and County Durham in the north. The company offers a comprehensive range of frozen foods carefully selected from approved manufacturers to ensure high quality products, outstanding service and uncompromising standards of food hygiene throughout the entire distribution process.

As part of an ongoing programme aimed at improving its overall service and reducing operating costs, Hopwells arranged a comprehensive survey of its existing lighting systems at sites in Burscough, Brownhills and Nottingham. The survey identified the need to reduce energy costs and retrofit LED lighting emerged as a proven solution without the expense and disruption of installing new fittings throughout the sites.

Foremost among the recommendations was the replacement of conventional fluorescent tubes and SON sodium lamps with lower wattage, more efficient LED alternatives from the company’s Goodlight™ range. A total of 220 Goodlight™ retrofit lamps were supplied and fitted, including T8 5ft LED tube lights and E40 LED SON lamps. This has resulted in 75% annual savings in both kilowatt hours and CO2 emissions which equates to an impressive reduction of 36 tonnes from the 220 lamps. Additionally, this initiative is saving the company over £12,000 each year in running costs, and even more in maintenance costs.

The new Goodlight™ lamps and tube lamps have been installed throughout the three Hopwells sites with the majority fitted within various cold stores. It is therefore crucial that any heat generated by lighting is kept to an absolute minimum to avoid affecting the cold stores’ operating temperatures which are maintained at minus 23°C. In fact, the much lower running temperature of the new LED lighting, compared to the conventional system it replaced, means that Hopwells is benefiting from considerably lower refrigeration costs.

Another important factor in Hopwells’ decision to specify Goodlight™ LED lighting is the immediate illumination provided in contrast to the lengthy ‘warm up’ time required by the previous sodium SON lamps. Phil Holman, Hopwells’ Operations Director, welcomes this aspect of the new lighting. He says, “The Goodlight™ products have proved to be good quality and reliable whereas we had experienced failures when evaluating other LED lamps. The LED lights are particularly suitable for cold stores because they strike almost immediately whereas SON lamps take about 15 minutes to reach full light output. This means that they can be operated by movement sensors providing even greater kWh savings.”

Retrofit lighting from LED Eco Lights couldn’t be easier. Whatever the lighting being replaced, the company’s LED lamps can simply be installed into existing fittings – as simple as replacing a bulb. The lamps have no starter or control gear, making them virtually maintenance-free. Consistency and reliability are assured, with all Goodlight™ products covered by a comprehensive five years premium guarantee.

LED Eco Lights’ extensive range is already fitted in many factories, warehouses, car parks, hospitals, retail outlets, leisure centres, universities and offices. Significant funding is available for many applications and carbon and cost-saving reports can be carried out before installation to demonstrate the level of savings that can be achieved.

The Goodlight™ retrofit LED range is featured on the company’s website:

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