Materials handling equipment managers will now be able to bridge any gaps in their energy requirements without the expense of purchasing expensive capital equipment. Power Gap from GNB Industrial Power (UK) Ltd, is an innovative battery rental service that allows users to borrow batteries on a short, medium, or long-term basis.

Power Gap has been specifically designed to help those companies who may have peak working periods, for example around Christmas, when their battery requirements may increase. Additionally in todays economic climate, it is also ideal for those companies that have reached the end of a long-term lease, but do not wish to take on the commitment of another long-term contract which may be costly.

We created Power Gap to be as flexible as possible, enabling companies to keep up with their customers demands even at the most busiest times of the year, explains Elaine McLeod, Marketing Communications Manager at GNB Industrial Power (UK) Ltd. It is also a cost effective way of managing your energy requirements, as investment in capital equipment is not required.

A Power Gap solution can be tailored to a companys exact business needs. This individual package is then charged at a fixed weekly cost, meaning managers are able to manage their cash flow efficiently, as well as being able to plan more effectively for the future.

The service also includes a professional evaluation of a companys requirements by a GNB Service Engineer, who will then recommend the most suitable package. The solution can also include regular on-site inspections and maintenance calls, as well as standby maintenance to help ensure maximum uptime. Should energy needs change Power Gap can also be adjusted accordingly to fit the new requirements.

The key to this new service is giving the customer complete control over his or her energy needs. The ability to manage energy requirements on a short term basis gives a company greater control and more flexibility to change their energy needs quickly and in line with business or cash flow needs, adds Elaine.

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