IPAF has created a brand new advanced training course, in response to demand from UK contractors for training that better prepares operators of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) for work in higher risk or challenging environments, and in order to advance their existing skills in operating MEWPs.

On completion of this course, they will obtain the IPAF PAL+ Operator Licence. This day-long course is more in-depth than the standard IPAF courses and as such is more challenging to pass.

The course covers both theory and practice, aiming to increase the operator’s ability at a practical level and help them gain a more in-depth understanding of why accidents happen and how they can be prevented.

Theory is incorporated at the beginning of the day in a written test and includes; accident analysis, MEWP categories and selection, operator daily inspection, safe operating awareness and hazard awareness. On a more practical note; the course covers site risk assessment, machine familiarisation, pre-use checks and inspections.

Operators are assessed under clear topics, such as; risk assessment, self-familiarisation (full awareness of the MEWP and each of its parts), travel (how to drive and move the MEWP, includes steering and positioning), working at height and operating in general. Candidates are evaluated not just on their performance, but on their attitude to working at height throughout the day.

By the end of the course, operators will be aware of the importance of attitude and behaviour to working at height and know how to carry out tasks such as; don harnesses, lower handrails and move the machine, travel through narrow gaps, wheel/outrigger positioning and how to work in confined areas.

Please note operators will need to already have a valid PAL card in order to take this course, proving that they are trained to operate the categories for which they want to get PAL+.

IPAF has developed the PAL+ training course PAL+ is an optional, additional one day of category-specific training and complements the PAL operator course by providing further training for MEWP operators working in such environments.

PAL+ focuses on practical training and includes a short, compact theory session. It is intended to be more advanced, challenging and extensive than the PAL operator course, which meets all requirements for basic operator training.

PAL+ training is open to operators who hold an existing PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) qualification in the relevant category. Upon successful completion of the theory test, practical test and interview, operators will have the relevant categories added to their PAL Card, e.g. Static Vertical (1a+), Static Boom (1b+), Mobile Vertical (3a+) and Mobile Boom (3b+).



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