Conveyor Systems Limited (CSL) will exhibit details of a comprehensive range of conveyors including the proven space saving spiralveyor of which they have installed over 70 units around the UK and now features the new compact column design. Using state-of-the art 3D CAD technology, innovative conveyor systems are designed to interface and integrate with other OEM and materials handling equipment in order provide cost effective materials handling solutions.

Displayed and demonstrated on the stand will be a 6m reversible spiral elevator/de-elevator. The compact column design makes the spiral unit lighter in weight, but maintains the rigid structure and durability to support a high throughput of product whilst also offering many new functional benefits. Available as single or twin lane reversible spirals, the new design improves visibility with narrow supporting columns and also adds greater handling flexibility as the core radius is enlarged.

The twin lane reversible spiral elevator/ de-elevator caters for the modern packaging systems and allows multiple product lines to be elevated side by side, with each line being controlled separately and can even run in opposite directions. The patented spiral design is perfect for high speed packaging lines that require twin, independently driven feeds to units such as palletisers or for providing opportunity for buffer accumulation.

The spiral elevators continuous modular belt construction can easily be linked to CSL’s new flexible conveying system on which a wide range of products can be transport around curves, up inclines and straight sections. With only one motor driving long sections of conveyors, systems are simple to integrate and energy efficient.

CSL will also exhibit a range of powered roller conveyors in mild and stainless steel for handling cartons, cases, shrink-wrapped packs, tote bins, boxes, dollies, pallets, etc. Of particular interest will be the compact high speed pneumatically operated 3-way switch sorter which provides a new dimension in integrated system design. Handling various sized products from as little as 200mm square at high speed, these lineshaft driven switch modules will provide maximum versatility with bi-directional (left / right) 45 degree sortation with minimum product spacing.

An extensive range of stainless steel and plastic modular conveyors for clean areas and lightweight products will be displayed alongside heavy duty gravity and powered expandable conveyors for end-of-line handling applications.

From single conveying modules, through to turnkey projects with full integrated control systems, CSL have designed, installed and commissioned handling solutions for assembly, packaging/end-of-line and warehousing/ order picking applications.

Visit STAND No H41 or visit CSL’s website for further details.

Conveyor Systems Ltd

Steve Graham, Director

Tel: 01283 552255


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