Conveyor Networks Ltd has been awarded two contracts for Transshipment sorters handling up to 4100 pieces per hour. The chosen conveyor technology is able to support a wide range of product variables. Conveyor Networks will design and install the systems for a major high street retailer at two warehouse locations.

The sorting systems will each have a 12 way sort and will feature both belt and roller conveyor elements from key hardware supplier Transnorm System. The system will offer sorting to both sides of a central sort conveyor and also a pre-sort area.

Part of the delivery will be the Conveyor Networks Interface Manager® software suite which will control the system sorting functions and will also be delivered with a DTS module (Despatch Tracking Software). The DTS module incorporates a bespoke user interface with touch panel monitors and scanning equipment.

The Sorting Module enables operators to select different sort modes for either specific store, or Trunk route sorting. The DTS software will be incorporated into the imanager module and will have numerous reporting features enabling cross checking of despatched goods.

Products to be scanned could be typical grocery items and cardboard cartons as well as standard plastic crates. The bar coded products will be scanned by an array of readers able to read from top, front back and either side of the parcel. Operatives will place items onto an induct conveyor and the system will organize the product into suitable spacing for sorting. The pre-sort module enables the gapping and correct alignment of products prior to sorting.

The chutes are to be fitted with scanners and touch screens from which the product can be booked to a particular pallet or cage. The DTS system will control the opening and closing of pallets and cages and the production of labels. Route manifests can be generated from within the system. The system incorporates supervisory stations where any non- conformity or general queries can be directed.

Conveyor Networks are integrators of high-performance conveyor modules handling tote bins, boxes, parcels and products. Our products and services provide conveyor system solutions for end user companies in a variety of industrial sectors.

With a core of in house software and project integration expertise we are able to offer high level solutions to all our customers our mission is; “To deliver affordable intelligent automation solutions – To be there!”

Conveyor Networks Ltd

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