Two new large character printers from coding and marking specialist Linx Printing Technologies can cut production costs while maximising line uptime and print quality.

The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 high definition case coders offer a cost-effective, easy to use alternative to other large character printers, and to the labelling or pre-printing of secondary packaging.

Their innovative ReFRESH® ink recirculation system, robust design, and printhead protection technology mean significantly reduced downtime and savings on consumables.

The patented ink recirculation system’s ReFRESH technology ensures premium print quality and also avoids wasted ink during printhead cleaning, thus saving time and money ordinarily wasted on purging procedures. Ink and dust that collect on the nozzles is removed with an air knife, an ink purge takes place, then ink from this procedure is collected, passed through a high performance filter to remove impurities from the system, and re-circulated. Operators only need to perform a quick simple maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep the printer in optimum operating condition.

The tough stainless-steel nozzle guard protects the printhead from possible damage, caused by impact with the boxes on the line, while remaining close enough to the packaging to ensure superior print quality is maintained.

The robust stainless steel lower casing and printhead protection mean the Linx IJ355 and IJ375 are robust enough to cope with the busiest production line demands, delivering significant savings on consumables and in minimised downtime.

Jason Remnant, Linx Product Manager, says: “Eliminating wasted ink is a hugely significant way of saving money. Standard printhead cleaning techniques can waste enough ink in a single clean to code 2,000 boxes.

“The ReFRESH ink recirculation system ensures the printer uses every last drop of ink for its intended purpose – printing.

“In addition, the nozzles within the printhead are at an optimum distance to the substrate to be coded, which gives excellent print quality. Added to that is the printhead protection. When you consider that a printhead accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the machine, it is vitally important that Linx customers can rely on printheads with the longest possible working life.”

Error free coding is assured with the IJ355 and IJ375’s full colour LCD interface and touchscreen operator controls, with print preview and icon-based message selection. The versatile touch screen control unit is detachable for hand-held use, or for mounting in a more convenient location. A new set of robust accessories is also available from Linx, to ensure simple and accurate mounting of the printer onto the production line.

Adds Jason Remnant: “The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 are designed to meet customer demands for low cost of ownership and reduced downtime alongside high-quality, reliable printing.”

Linx Printing Technologies Ltd

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