DockSafe prevents accidental driveaways and offers complete end-to-end audit trail.

Industrial safety specialist Castell and access control expert Traka have joined forces to create DockSafe, an intelligent loading bay safety system.

DockSafe uses Traka’s immobiliser system to control access both to the loading bay and Castell’s Salvo Susie mechanical locking device. Since only authorised users can gain access to the loading bay equipment, the possibility of untrained staff accessing potentially hazardous equipment is removed.

Access is granted through the intelligent Traka iFob, which allows Castell’s Salvo Susie to be released from its storage cabinet. The Salvo Susie is then fitted to the articulated trailer’s exposed emergency airline coupling. A Castell key is subsequently released from the Susie and inserted into the Salvo Control Panel, enabling the bay doors to be opened. This sequence of events ensures that the trailer is immobilised while loading or unloading is carried out.

Castell’s considerable experience in the provision of loading bay safety systems has seen the company install Salvo on thousands of loading bays worldwide. Similarly, Traka’s expertise lies in access control solutions for forklift trucks and loading bay door control within logistics and distribution markets across the globe. Together the two companies have created a system that enhances loading bay safety regardless of vehicle type. The system restricts access to authorised personnel only, and gives full traceability in terms of who used which door, and when this occurred. This audit trail is vital when assessing both performance and efficiency.

David Hughes, global sales director at Castell, commented: “The ability to track and control who is accessing equipment delivers a number of benefits to the end user: increased safety, improved efficiency and a complete end-to-end audit trail. I believe this system presents the market with a unique solution.”

Traka’s managing director Robert Smith also sees DockSafe as “a truly unique solution, which protects the health and safety of all employees involved in loading bay operations, while improving business efficiency in a cost-effective way”.

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