Rugged design and reliable performance offer outstanding value for general weighing, shipping and receiving.

Adam Equipment, a global provider of balances and scales, today announced availability of its ABK and AFK industrial scales. Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, Adam’s ABK and AFK scales are easy to use and deliver quick results for a wide variety of weighing tasks.

Both the ABK and AFK are excellent for parts counting, percentage weighing, check weighing and dynamic weighing applications. They boast capacities ranging from 16lb/8000g to 1320lb/600kg and readabilities ranging from 0.0005lb/0.2g  to 0.1lb/50g. The ABK and AFK provide six weighing units, including kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces, pounds:ounces and Newtons.

With an RS-232 bi-directional data output, the ABK and AFK provide a computer and printer connection that enables seamless downloading of data. An adjustable indicator rotates a full 360 degrees and can be set to any angle; it can be mounted on the supplied pillar or attached to a wall for clear viewing. The sleek stainless steel indicator has superior sealing and is protected against heavy dust and wet environments.

Built-in limit lights and color LED indicators make the ABK and AFK ideal for check weighing, as the indicator shows when the weight is below, at or above the desired weight. The large backlit display and capacity tracker monitor the weight limits to protect against overloads. An audible alarm provides secondary notification for check weighing processes.

Ideal for virtually any application, the ABK and AFK offer the right combination of features and performance needed in today’s industrial world.  Well-suited for warehouses or production environments, the display is vivid and easy to read, even in poorly lit areas, helping streamline activities and reduce data entry errors. A simple-to-use keypad features a display hold function and color-coded keys for quick recognition. The rechargeable battery gives up to 90 hours of operation before needing a charge, while the adjustable auto-sleep/power-down setting helps preserve battery life.

Adam Equipment

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