Building on the success of the EU_OSHA Safe Maintenance Campaign in 2010 and 2011 Toyota Material Handling extend their relationship with EU-OSHA as elected sponsor of the new campaign ‘Working Together for Risk Prevention’.

For the next two years Toyota Material Handling Europe and EU-OSHA will work together as official partners for the new EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces campaign focusing on developing research, training and sharing expertise to promote safe working environments.

Every 3.5 minutes a person dies in the European Union in a work-related accident or illness. Millions of workers experience preventable job-related physical and psychological traumas. The new European campaign “Working together for risk prevention” aims to stimulate leadership, workforce and representatives to evaluate risks and take responsible actions together to eliminate them.

EU-OSHA was created by the European Union to lead, centralise and share information to improve working conditions in the EU countries together with selected business partners.

Tony Wallis, Operations Director commented: “Toyota has always positioned itself as a provider of safe products and services, but we believe promoting safety in the workplace goes beyond providing our customers with the safest trucks, it also requires that we demonstrate to companies the benefits of training their people and putting processes in place to create a culture of safety”.

He added: “In the challenging economic climate, it has become more important for companies to focus on safety, not only to protect their workers, but also to reduce costs relating to injury and damage. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to giving people as much support as we can to work in a safe manner.”

Toyota Material Handling is strongly committed to promoting safety and has a long tradition with safety programmes. On a European level Toyota regularly provides tailor-made trainings to its 2,500 factory workers, in factories that are OHSAS 18001 certified. Further training programmes are tailored to suit the needs of over 4,500 service technicians and other stakeholders. In the UK Toyota Material Handling is focused on a year-long campaign promoting safety called ‘Taking Care with Toyota’ which includes both internal and external activities.

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