In May 2011 Panasonic were introduced to a new pre-stretch pallet wrap material, Winwrap. As part of their on-going relationship with Woodway UK, they receive regular audits of packaging used to ensure they are using the most cost efficient and environmentally sound products.

Before replacing Panasonic’s existing pallet wrap material, Woodway conducted a full trial to establish the cost of wrapping one of their standard pallets with both materials to evaluate the potential savings of swapping to Winwrap.

Simon Kay is General Manager, UK Distribution Centre, for Panasonic Europe Limited. He explains the process, “Woodway’s technical team brought in the product for our operatives to try. One of our operatives wrapped a standard pallet using the roll of our existing material until we were happy it was load stable. The wrapping was removed and weighed. The operative then wrapped the same pallet with Winwrap, again until it was load stable, and the weight of the used material was taken.”

Simon continues, “One of our key considerations is cost and another is waste, so when we saw the comparisons we were amazed at the savings Winwrap gave us in both these areas. As Winwrap is coreless we immediately saw a 100% reduction in core weight, which is vital for our packaging waste targets. The product is also much lighter so we saw almost 50% saving on pallet weight.  We also gained nearly 20% reduction in cost on the clear and 25% on the black film.”

Winwrap is a high quality pre-stretch film which improves load stability and because it is lighter in weight it is easier for the operatives to handle. The product is also designed to be used right to the end of the roll which also reduce waste from unfinished rolls.

Simon concludes, “We have been using the product for almost a year now and it has not only reduced our cost and waste but it has also reduced load splits ensuring our products reach their destinations safely.”

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