Plumbing and heating specialist Stop Start Transport, a third party logistics (3PL) storage and distribution company whose customers include Worcester Bosch and radiator manufacturer Kudox, has installed the DeltaWMS warehouse performance system. Headquartered in Worcester, Stop Start runs a 34,000 square foot 3PL warehousing and delivery operation.

Delta now claims the highest percentage of 3PL clients of any warehouse system vendor.

The decision to adopt Delta technology follows a marketwide review by Stop Start Transport, which has installed DeltaWMS to support the growth of its business. “DeltaWMS allows us to track our rapidly expanding inventory in real time as well as customising third party labelling and invoicing in line with each customer’s needs, so that they feel confident in doing business with us” says Stop Start founder Steve Evans, who plans to extend the capability of DeltaWMS with radio frequency (RF) and scanning technology later.

“Many suppliers seemed to want to sell us the most expensive system they had, without taking the trouble to identify the needs of our business” Steve Evans observes. “We asked simple operational questions that required non-technical answers. Delta were notably clear and direct in their response – very switched on”.

DeltaWMS:3PL is a best-in-class warehouse management solution designed specifically for complex 3PL, multiple customer operations, from order to dispatch. Control parameters allow the user to configure and customise the system for each contract customer, with customer-by-customer stock accounting, custom labelling, inventory management and online reporting.

The distinctive DeltaWMS graphical warehouse map enables accurate, real-time inventory management, while Delta’s KPI technology can be used to manage warehouse and wider supply chain performance.

The DeltaWMS family of warehouse performance solutions can be easily integrated with any ERP or other system. DeltaWMS systems have been developed for all types of warehouse operation including bonded, distribution, third party and manufacturing.

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  1. Good choice of technology! Flexibility, integration and real time information are few features that any good warehouse management solution should posses. Software designed by Delta technologies posses all these key features that’ll defiantly help create real time strategies to generate timely responses.

  2. Great technology! It will help the companies to invest on additional facilities to provide better service to their customers.

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