has gained sole UK distribution rights of the popular HyRack® pallet following Belgian pallet manufacturer IPS’ acquisition of the moulds and machinery from DS Smith Kaysersberg in France.

Well known for its enhanced racking performance and durability, the HyRack® pallet is a reliable workhorse; it has a static load capacity of 7,000kg, a dynamic load capacity of 2,000kg and is capable of supporting up to 1,000kg in beam and edge racking systems, making it the racking pallet of choice for a diverse range of industries.

As Europe’s leading experts in low pressure injection moulding, IPS has 20 enormous moulding machines that are capable of producing over one million plastic pallets per year and has a 15,000 sq. m. warehouse facility, which can hold large volumes of stock – a huge benefit for companies placing big consignment orders.

In fact, IPS’ reputation and expertise recently secured the company an order for 400,000 specialist plastic pallets from Dutch beverage industry pooling association Dranken Pallet Beheer (DPB) who decided to replace all of its wooden pallets with the more durable plastic pallets.

In addition,’s recent warehouse expansion means that the HyRack® pallet will be available in the UK immediately from stock and that the company is ready to meet demand as more and more companies ‘go plastic’.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “We have a great partnership with IPS and can rely on them to produce exceptional quality products due to their technical knowledge and injection moulding expertise. The HyRack® pallet is a welcome addition to our range of heavy duty plastic pallets.”

Moulded as a single piece measuring 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W), the HyRack® pallet’s open flow-through top deck has no internal cavities where mould, dust and other contaminants can collect and is easily cleaned, which is why it is favoured by food ingredients and pharmaceutical companies.

The design also incorporates lead in ramps on the internal edge of the base runners, rounded block sections, optional edge lips and anti-skid plugs and can be personalised through moulded-in logos or screen printing.

The pallet’s rigid base offers easy four-way access for fork lifts and pallet trucks and due to its rigidity and solid structure it is well suited to conveyor systems and other automated handling operations.

The first HyRack® pallet will hit IPS’ production run in July, initially as a six runner cruciform base version in recycled black, and will be available for delivery from in August.

To find out more about the HyRack® pallet, call us on 01323 744057 or visit was established in 2001 and is a division of All Pallets Ltd. Since its inception, has become the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and, through sister company, now offers an extensive range of plastic containers, crates and trays. stocks in excess of 125 different pallets, offering a wide choice of product features and colour options. Pallet styles include nestable pallets, hygienic pallets, pool pallets, full perimeter and non-perimeter pallets, pallets suitable for export, and two-colour pallets, a new concept the company has introduced to aid pallet identification. offers a further 115 plastic containers, crates and trays and a variety of accessories, including dollies, lids and flooring. has seven distinct ranges – attached lid range, automotive range, euro range, folding range, agricultural range, food range and small parts range.

Coordinated from its base in Eastbourne, East Sussex, the company offers immediate quotes, next day delivery and award-winning customer service. It is the sole UK distributor of IPS and SmartFlow pallets, manufactured in Belgium, and Q-Pall pallets, manufactured in the Netherlands, and has close links with a number of other plastic pallet and container manufacturers across Europe and Asia, ensuring a comprehensive and competitive product range.

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  1. Replacement of wooden pallets with new plastic pallets have defiantly reduced environment’s burden and helped conserve trees. These pallets can be used for longer period and have greater durability. Goplastic Pallets have been leading the industry for their outstanding products.