Customers of Briggs Equipment, one of the UK’s leading materials handling providers, can look forward to an even higher standard of service following the launch of a Learning and Development initiative.

Staff development can be one of the first things that businesses cut back on when budgets are tight. But Briggs believes it is fundamental for future success and has therefore launched its own Academy to deliver tailored development to all its employees.

Heading up the ‘Briggs Academy’ is Jon Chadwick, who has recently been appointed as Learning and Development Manager at the company.

Jon has excellent experience in learning and development and says he is looking forward to developing the new approach to training that will be key to the growth of future services.

He explains: “We have seen successes with our training for technical and product related skills. However, we have not spent time developing necessary soft skills. The creation of the learning Academy will focus on these skills and will be a move away from the traditional one way training process, whereby groups of employees are sent on training courses and what they learn is often forgotten and rarely applied in the workplace. We recognise that everyone has different learning styles and training has to be a two way process.

“This means employees take responsibility for their own development and with the right support and guidance, businesses can reap the rewards of having a more fulfilled and engaged workforce.”

Each employee at Briggs will get support in constructing their own development plans and will receive training tailored specifically for them. All training incorporates blended learning including one-to-one coaching, shadowing and e-learning which helps them apply what they have learned to their work.

The development of the Briggs Academy sits in line with some of the company’s long-term strategic business objectives to further increase employee engagement and customer service.

Briggs’ Chief Executive Officer, Richard Close, commented: “Our people are our key assets and investing in their development will help us to strengthen our offering to customers. The Briggs Academy will be driven by the needs of individuals and the needs of the business, ensuring it contributes to our future growth.”

Briggs Equipment

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