P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries has replaced its paper-based picking system with a voice picking system with impressive results. The system was rolled out last year and within hours operatives within the company’s warehouse could see how it was going to make their lives easier.

The improvements in picking were almost immediate. The system allowed for automatic assignment, product barcode check digits and tote box manifests all of which produced impressive results. Pick accuracy also improved dramatically too – and rates of 99.5 per cent are now being achieved.

But perhaps the biggest benefit Voice technology brought to the P&O operation was the access it gave the company to real-time management information.Previously the company had to collect data manually and pick rate KPIs were often produced late. Having up to date information has allowed the company to optimise resource planning in what is a highly seasonal business.

Redirack Ltd

RediRack has developed an automated pallet storage, retrieval and sequencing solution which is revolutionary in concept, far reaching in its implications and has, the company contends, no competitors in the marketplace.

This innovative solution combines the patented RediLogX pallet buffer and sequencing system with ASRS technology to create an automated storage solution which can increase the storage density of existing warehouses by up to 80% when compared to a traditional VNA system while reducing annualised running costs by a similar figure. In new build situations, the same storage capacity can be provided with a 45% reduction in the building footprint giving substantial savings in construction costs.

Redirack say that the RediLogX system represents a major step forward in warehouse design and operation by combining new and innovative technology with advanced storage systems to provide greatly increased efficiency and substantial reductions in operating costs.

Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd

When the UK Governemnt announced a trial of longer semi-trailers, Elddis acquired two 15.6 metre long trailers and nine 14.6 metre long trailers.

Elddis looked closely at its business and the needs of its customers and quickly identified a number of operations that could benefit form the longer trailers.

One particular 15.6 metre vehicle is working intensively seven days per week and will save 223 vehicle loads per year – around 40,000 miles and achieve a 50,000kg reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the standard trailer it has replaced.

A further 50,000kg reduction in CO2 will be achieved when the other 14.6 metre long trailers are utilised.

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