Wincanton Plc – Coddington site

Wincanton Coddington opened in January and works in partnership with the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) to support the build of the largest ships ever to enter service with the Royal Navy.

Wincaton’s team consists of 22 people supporting 6 shipyards and 110 suppliers. The warehouse holds 5.5 million pieces ranging from small nuts to units weighing 50 tonnes. The increased stock holding has necessitated the use of two external sites as part of a planned expansion programme which the team has set up and managed for its customer.

The Wincanton team has demonstrated agility and flexibility over the duration of the contract and has continually strived to extend the scope of Wincanton’s service offering. The team is recognized as the first point of contact within the ACA supply chain for issue resolution as well as a provider of high quality and accurate information.

Amethyst Group

Amethyst’s Fradley Park distribution centre is a 107,000 sq ft facility near Lichfield in Staffordshire. It provides e-fulfilment to three core high street fashion retailers – New look, Jane Norman and The Edinburgh Woollen Mills.

The Amethyst Fradley team’s 2011/12 throughput target was 25 per cent higher than the previous financial year.

To cope with the increased stockholding required to meet its client’s forecasts Amethyst took a number of mission critical steps:

• an extra 105,000 sq ft warehouse was acquired and kitted out;

• management identified product categories that typically sell together and rearranged storage accordingly across two sites;

• a new ‘merged order’ software programme was developed in-house to allow orders picked across the two sites to be monitored.

• a training academy was established to allow Amethyst to train temporary staff in the run up to peak periods.

The steps taken have allowed Amethyst to manage mid-week spikes and maximize efficiencies in the receipt and pick and pack operations. In fact, 99.9 per cent of all orders received before 7pm are now picked, packed  and dispatched on the same day.


MDA stores over £35 mliion worth of stock for some of the world’s biggest brands and when the company opened an on site sortation centre in 2011 the company put in place a management team to ensure that the centre came on stream without causing any disruption to any other parts of the MDA business.

The team was headed up by Carl Lee who was was given full responsibility for ensuring the prompt and effective installation of the centre.

Throughout the project Carl and his team managed all parties and overcame space restriction difficulties, IT Systems integration issues as well as HR-related queries to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Wincanton Plc – repair & overhaul centre

Wincaton’s repair and overhaul centre has experienced a significant turnaround in operational efficiency in the last year. The company has introduced systems and new working practices that have brought about a noticeable improvement in picking accuracy , reduced staff absenteeism due to sickness and cut accident levels and ‘near misses’.

The company’s clients report “a high level of confidence” in the service they receive which, in turn, has had a positive impact on the morale of Wincaton’s staff employed at the facility.

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