The new Hawker LifeSpeedIQ intelligent high-frequency modular battery charger from EnerSys is designed to support flexibility and efficiency in the deployment and utilisation of a wide range of battery types. Its innovative modular design, fully-programmable performance and lower charging factor allows battery installations to be optimised for operational and energy efficiency with lower power consumption and reduced carbon footprint for improved sustainability. Advanced communication and remote diagnostic facilities enable battery facilities to be configured for standalone or centralised management. The charger can be used with all batteries with corresponding charging profiles to support lift truck, materials handling equipment, automatic guided vehicle and other motive power applications.

The LifeSpeedIQ charger allows fleet operators to take advantage of all of the energy-efficiency and battery-life benefits of high-frequency charging. Each charger is built using a number of identical power modules so that performance can be matched to the specific application requirement. The built-in controller manages the modules to operate at peak efficiency at all times. The modular design also supports continuous operations with simplified service and maintenance. Faulty modules are automatically bypassed and the charger operates at reduced power to ensure batteries are still charged. Replacement modules can be exchanged easily, and even hot-swapped, without disruption to ongoing charging tasks.

A range of sophisticated communication tools are included to support standalone, centralised or remote battery management. Hawker batteries can be equipped with the Wi-IQ monitoring device which mounts on the battery’s DC cables and maintains communication with the charger throughout the charge process. The charging profile, battery temperature, energy throughput and other parameters are checked continuously. The charging profile is adjusted automatically and in real-time to suit the age and condition of the battery which helps prolong its useful working life and maintain optimum energy efficiency. Data can be uploaded wirelessly to a PC for analysis and reporting.

The charger has a USB port as standard to allow download of charging history and upload of profiles and service updates. The addition of an optional Ethernet port allows remote access to stored data and the charger’s menu to enable centralised and diagnostic operations in conjunction with battery management facilities such as the new LifeNetworkIQ fleet management system. The charger can be used with all batteries with corresponding charging profiles including the latest Hawker XFC, Hawker PerfectPlus, Hawker WaterLess/WaterLess20 and Hawker Evolution models.

An LCD display on the front of the charger provides a user-interface and delivers real time information on the charging process and events. Messages are provided in clear text and are visible from a wide viewing angle. The charger is fully customer-programmable and the wide choice of parameters and settings on the menu are very easy to configure using simple push buttons. The real-time clock allows charging to be scheduled for predetermined times, such as low-tariff and off-peak, or to help ensure equalization charging at regular intervals.

Five different coloured backlights indicate separate states of charge or function. The charger will even interrupt the charge if excessive temperatures occur and charging will not commence if a defined percentage discharge is not reached. Simplicity and ease-of-use is further promoted through facilities such as an anti-arcing system that allows safe disconnection during the charge.

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